Monday, November 16, 2009

Haiku Contest Winner!

So we were running a Haiku contest last month to give away a copy of White Dwarf #356 (for details on the contest, view this post). We didn't get as many entries as we would have liked, but fear not, we're good for our word! In response to the replies on the above-mentioned post, the posters Allandros, Gospog, James, and Tas were all eligible for the give away.

After a random drawing of the four names from the hollowed out space marine skull we use as hats around here, Gospog is the big winner! Here's the winning entry (well my favorite of his two, and no, he was only put in the skull once):

Sin of Damnation.
Not just another bug hunt.
Up from the floor plates!

Gospog, if you could send me your mailing information by the end of the month to: I'll be happy to get you your copy of Space Hulk for writing that wonderful Haiku!

Keep checking back in the future, we're hoping to have more giveaways and contests! Here's a hint: the more people we get following, the sooner it'll be :P

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