Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Contest Announcement!

Ok, what I teased yesterday I announce today! THE BRO has graciously donated a copy of White Dwarf #356 (pictured here borrowed from Games Workshop's site) to be given away in some fashion for the Blog. This issue has extensive coverage of the new Space Hulk Edition just released. Inspired by THE BRO's haiku about Space Hulk, I'm offering this copy of White Dwarf to the best Space Hulk themed Haiku sent in by the end of the month.

Because it's Shocktober, and Halloween is awesome, you could also write a Haiku about horror or Halloween.

The only rules for a Haiku: three lines of poetry, first line has 5 syllables, second has 7, and third has 5 again. Usually they're nature themed, but this time it's either Space Hulk or Horror/Halloween theme. An exceptal entry would look like this:

Brother Zael was screwed
His armor opened by claws
Terminator Treat
(Space Hulk Themed)

or this:

What's That Over There?
Oh My God, I'm So Sorry.
Please Stop Stabbing Me.
(Horror Themed)

See? It's easy! Here's are the additional rules, borrowed from the awesome book blog, Stacked:

1. You must post your entry in the comments on this post with your name and blog if you have one.

2. Recruit one new reader to our blog - they need to submit their own hiaku, that they were directed by you, and click on the "follow" option to the left there (so you get a free second entry!). They will also be added to the contest.

The contest is open until November 1st, so get your entries in today! Only one entry per person, that's why recruiting a second person will drastically increase your chances suckers! Also, if we get a good response to this contest, we do have future stuff we'd like to give away, so try already!


  1. Blood of Sanguinius!
    Slay xenos for me, brothers -
    Storm bolter jammed

    -Allandaros (http://allandaros.livejournal.com)

  2. hahaha! I like the horror haiku. I'm sure it was very effective.

  3. That is not the right picture. The one I have for a prize has blood angels and space hulk written on the cover.

  4. Sin of Damnation.
    Not just another bug hunt.
    Up from the floor plates!

  5. This hulk is awful.
    Need to relieve myself bad.
    Dead marine on throne.

  6. Whoops! I thought I would be prompted for my name. Sorry about that.

    -Gospog (no blog)

    Or should I try to edit my entries?

  7. No problem on the two Haikus! You'll still only be entered once, but two awesome hiaku's get two thumbs up from me :)

  8. The problem is that Spacehulk is numbered differently in US and Great Britain. This contest is for US #356 which is Great Britain #357. Confusing!

  9. lame! I'll work on fixing the picture!

  10. He entered the shop
    Two pots of paint he wanted
    Left with new Space Hulk

    (Inspired by my mates recent real-life purchase experience...:) )

  11. Left with new Space Hulk
    The Lad and I ecstatic
    Fear credit card bill

    (Inspired by my own recent real-life purchase experience!)


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