Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First impression: Warhammer Invasion LCG

So THE BRO picked up a copy of the starter for FFG's Warhammer card game, Invasion. I guess Warhammer's in the air or something around here at The Hopeless Gamer. So, where do we, as loyal FFG card game enthusiasts, sit on their newest "Living Card Game" (LCG)? We played A Game of Thrones, but I think both agree that the game has lost its elegance in its current form, and we both can't stand the lazy work rate of Grr Martin. We were competitive players for Call of Cthulhu, and although the game has changed formats, we've recently rediscovered our love of the game. Do we have room for Invasion?

Of course! Obviously we're gushing over both Chaos in the Old World and the upcoming Warhammer FRPG 3rd edition, so it's just one more reason to love FFG's handling of the Warhammer license.

Why do I feel that Invasion is such a great game? Good question! For one, it really feels like a big battle. Each player has a capital that the other is trying to destroy. At the same time, the quests mechanic is pretty neat and ties in the role playing game quite well (in theme if nothing else). each faction in the starter has quite a different feel, and I was already brainstorming my first deck before our second game was finished (an Imperial/Dwarves "Mobile Defender" deck), and I'm psyched to pick up my own set to start trying some ideas out. I even loved how the orcs played, of course it didn't hurt that they were by far the quickest win of our three games.

Of course let's not forget the physical product. I've always loved the layouts of FFG's cards, and Invasion keeps the trend. The artwork is fantastic, especially with the dwarves and orcs. every card screams badass or some ridiculous orc scream that I refuse to type out here. I really like the win conditions of destroying your enemy's capital as well. I didn't get a chance to check out the draft rules, but I understand they're still two player. If we could get a draft set of rules and general rules for multiplayer, I think the game would be pretty much set for me. Of course, let's not forget the elves.

Just awesome, I love find out games I've really been anticipating are actually fun, makes things seem right in the world.

(Image borrowed from FFG's online store.)

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