Monday, November 16, 2009

Long Weekends and EoV update

So it's been a long weekend, and I really don't like to go oppppvp000000000ohj (that's what the kitty typed as he just ran across my laptop, he's now a published author I guess) more than a day or two without posting, so I apologize.

Anyway, we got some good stuff done this weekend. Several of the FNG gang and I played Saturday morning in a small holiday ensemble to help raise money for the Salvation Army, which was a great experience. We also made our first five gallon batch of hard apple cider home-made style. I'm really excited, and THE BRO reports that fermentation has already begun, yay! It wouldn't be a great weekend if we didn't get some gaming in, and this weekend didn't fail. We got our third game of Chaos in the Old World in and I tied for the win with the Tzeentch (this is a word recognized by Firefox's spell checker, beeteedub) player, who has actually won or tied all three of our games so far. All I have left to try out is Slaneesh, then the kid gloves come off as we've all tried out each of the forces.

But enough of my weekend (*sob*)! Eye of the Vortex has some great releases again. The November issue has been published and you can find it here. In this issue, yours truly has penned a general purpose introduction to the New World of Darkness that gives a quick rundown of the basic mechanic as well as some background and direction to take depending on which subgame you want to play. It's what I hope to be a definitive primer to help new players navigate the huge variety of products available to White Wolf fans.

We also have a review up for the Magic: The Gathering expansion: Duels of the Planeswalker. I'm not a competent Magic player by any means, but I like the rules, I like the flavor, and of course I love the production value Wizards consistently puts out there for this timeless game. Check the review out here.

(Image borrowed from FFG's online store.)

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