Monday, August 2, 2010

Q-Workshop STRIKE!

The folks at Q-Workshop are amazing. Don't believe me? Check out their dice in my review here (just posted earlier today). They've asked us to spread the word on their new, aggressive campaign to bring more high-quality dice to the gamer folk, and we've gladly stepped up to the plate!

First, you need to know where you can buy Q-Workshop dice. The easiest way to grab yourself some fancy schmancy dice is to check out their website. There you'll see more details on this cool stuff!

Next you'll be wanting to know what the actual announcement is. Like I said, you can find the details on their website, but here's what we've got:

New Cheap Classic RPG Dice Sets
New Premium 3d Dice Sets
New Deluxe Metal Dice Sets
New Box Packaging
New Lower Prices for Older Models

There's really no excuse at this point not to own some Q-Workshop dice. In my review, I was given an early glimpse of the 3d dice sets (both Forest and Celtic d3), the new packaging (attactive boxes much like the Arkham Horror dice sets they released earlier this year), and got a crack at the classic stuff with their older elven rune set, now cheaper and more accessible than ever.

Oh, we also get a cute little video showing off all this great new stuff. I knew they used elves to make all those little runes!

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