Monday, August 2, 2010

FREE DICE?! YES! It's time for another contest! (Also time for Gencon!)

Like what you see here? Want a chance to get your first (or maybe 21st?) set of Q-Workshop dice? Well, you've clearly stumbled into the right blog then!

Because of the kind folks (and elves) at Q-Workshop, we've got three sets of dice to give away over the course of the next week (only rolled a couple of times for the sake of review!).

We've got the 3d Forest set, the 3d Celtic set, and the Class RPG translucent red dice. Here's how it's going to work.


Every year (starting last year since it was our first year - but now it'll be a tradition!), I post pictures from the floor of Gencon as a part of our live coverage. That means throughout each day, starting this Thursday (maybe a bit on Wednesday night) and ending on Sunday, you'll want to be checking back frequently since I'll be posting pictures of fun stuff and, more importantly, pictures of new stuff.

We want to reward you for your attention and loyalty, and what better way to do it than free premium dice? So, here's the deal, three times throughout this next weekend (Thursday through Sunday, from 10:00 - 6:00 Central U.S. time - the hours the exhibitor hall is open) I'm going to post something along the lines of "Man, these forest dice are looking pretty awesome, who wants them?" It's then your responsibility to let me know if you want them! How do you do that? Why did you interrupt me? KEEP READING:

1. Become a follower of the blog (if you already are one, that's good too!)
2. Send an email to with the name you follow the blog with.
3. BONUS: If you also follow me on twitter, send me that too (you can sign up to follow me by clicking the big brown button in the upper left or by going to my twitter and following me:

What happens next? 

-Everyone who emails me within one hour of my post going up on the blog gets an entry into the contest for that particular dice set. You only get the entry if you also send the name you follow with. HOWEVER, if you also follow me on Twitter, tell me your name, and you'll get an additional entry.

-After Gencon is over, we'll announce the winners of the three dice sets. Each dice set giveaway needs to be entered separately, so you need to email me each time you see my post for each set.

-We'll throw all eligible entries into a hat (so if you follow on the blog and twitter, your name will go in twice), and the winner will be pulled at random. You're only eligible to win one set - sorry, gotta spread the love around.

-We'll ship free to anywhere in the U.S. Given the feedback from our last contest, we're opening this contest worldwide as long as you are willing to pay the difference between U.S. shipping and the cost to ship to you.

Good luck to everyone, and I hope you're all as excited to see our Gencon coverage as we are to provide it! Thanks to Q-Workshop for providing the dice sets to give away. As hard as it is to part with these beauties, we love the opportunity to pass on the schwag to our audience!

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