Saturday, January 23, 2010

A test of Character - 1/23/10

This is a submission to an World of Darkness play-by-post game. I thought it'd be fun to try out a character who really has no optimization at all (ok a little bit with firearms, but a guy's gotta survive!) but focuses almost completely on social interactions and his own sense of danger to get him through thick-n-thin. He's also kind of a dummy, but that can be fun too. Character's a straight mortal with 35 XP to start out with. Note: the contact - Matthew - is pulled from a list of NPC's offered by the Storyteller that gives us a free 2 point contact merit, if anyone at home is counting up and sees that it doesn't add up. On with the character!

Name: Sam Campbell
Age: 25
Virtue: Optimism
Vice: Avarice
Concept: Happy-go-lucky business man.

Successful business man for a large company in Vancouver - Bays, Thomas, & Associates - Sam relies on quick wits and good looks to get through business transactions as opposed to any actual skill with writing up business agreements or contracts. He grew up idolizing game show hosts and always wanted to be one when he grew up (which obviously didn't happen). Lately a coworker has been inviting him to "business meetings" that are scheduled for late at night in seedy bars and night clubs. This hasn't bothered Sam much as they've been profitable, even if he doesn't know exactly what the deals he negotiates are selling or purchasing. He has a retirement plan (or sooner) of someday being a local politician, since he can't tell much difference between what they and game show hosts do anyway.

Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Stamina 2

Intelligence 2
Wits 3
Resolve 2

Presence 3
Manipulation 3
Composure 3

(Mental; -3)
Academics 1
Computer 2
Investigation 2
Politics 2

(Physical; -1)
Brawl 1
Firearms 2
Stealth 2 (Urban Environments)

(Social; -1)
Animal Ken
Empathy 2
Persuasion 3 (Sales Pitches)
Socialize 3
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 3 (Misdirection)

Contacts 2 - Matthew (has no idea that Matthew is possessed or specifically deals drugs)
Danger Sense 2
Striking Looks 2
Status 3 - Corporate Executive of Bays, Thomas & Associates
Barfly 1
Quick Draw (Firearms) 1

Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Initiative: 6
Health: 7
Willpower: 5
Morality: 7

Experience Spent
Barfly 1 - 2
Composure 3 - 15
Strength 2 - 10
Streetwise 1 - 3
Brawling 1 - 3
Quick Draw 1 - 3

Walther P99 (Pistol - Light) - recently picked up due to both his coworker's and Matthew's suggestion that he arm himself. He went to the local gun shop, picked it out and bought a shoulder holster he wears now on a regular basis under his suit jacket when he's out on his "deals" at night. (Picture here: thanks Wikipedia!)
Car - Something nice, I don't know much about cars, but it's leased, not owned, and provided by the company.

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