Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mark II-ish

So I took the slight plunge into Warmachine again by picking up the recently-released Prime Mark II. I bought it from nobleknight, so it was a relatively cheap buy-in for a new game (smart on Privateer's part) at about $25.00. Compared to the original Prime's msrp of $20.00 (granted this was before any online discount for it), inflation + massive success + beautiful full-color rulebook has not caused that big of a hit to the affordability factor.

And let's be clear - the book is absolutely gorgeous. From the cover to the layouts of the text to the brand spanking-new artwork for each model entry, the colors are lush and the pages are of the highest quality. The book itself is also massive at almost 260 pages. Sure you could get the quickstart rules for free here (and I'd recommend taking a look if you haven't ever had a chance to check out Warmachine before), but the book is so cheap, might as well go crazy and give it a go.

The Bro and I haven't played a game of Warmachine for at least two years. That being said, tonight we discussed the idea of a 15 point game (basically a warcaster and a couple of warjacks, no infantry) to give the new rules a go, and it seems like a definite possibility. I try to think of what keeps drawing me back to warmachine. A part of it has to be the deep, deep world Privateer Press has developed. The art and style of the story surely has something to do with it. I think for me though, more than anything else, it was the second game we ever really got into, right after Mage Knight (there was a little overlap to be honest if I recall back 7 years correctly). There's something comforting about it, and I feel like we had just a tiny part to do with their success over the years since we adopted it at the very first Gencon Privateer ever existed for. Memories!

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