Friday, January 22, 2010

Firday Nite Gaming! 1/22/10 - Traitorous Hex Galactica! - No Thanks!

So we ended up not playing my Savage Worlds scenario since we were missing two players, and we were a little bit out of the mood for role playing. We did discuss it a bit and the guys picked their characters from the pregen Pulp characters, so that's kinda of exciting. Next week we're doing D&D, which is cool, and the following week The Bro and I will be at Con of the North in the Twin Cities, so it looks like three weeks out at least for Savage Worlds - enough time to reread the whole rulebook!

Tonight however, we played several smaller games, and it was awesome. I got my dwarves vs. goblins starter set for Summoner Wars, so The Bro and I played that - I kinda won big with the goblins as I was able to outlast against the dwarves with my many cheapo units. This game's really shaping up as a decent little strategy game. We tried Are You the Traitor? a couple of times and it was pretty good. The first time round I was a guard and, I think at least, blew away everyone as I quickly deducted who the traitor was, it was awesome. The game is basically organized werewolf, but plays a lot quicker. The first round was funny as we all just say there, lost in trying to figure out what one could actually do. We figured it out pretty quick though as there is only so much shared information that one can assume. We played with six players, and it was a lot of fun. We followed that with a couple of quick games of No Thanks! and We didn't playtest this at all.

We also played some more play test gaming of the Wings of War Battlestar Galactica variation that some of the guys are putting together. You may see more about this in the future, but I almost won, I'm a decent fighter jockey dont'cha know.

The night ended with a big game of Neuroshima Hex! This game was almost sold off until recently The Bro read the rules, and it's definitely the game du jour for The Group currently. It's a really nice puzzle game with a fun war theme. We've played several games with the original four armies (go blue!), but tonight for the first time we tried the two armies from the Babel 13 expansion. The two armies certainly spun the game in a different direction, and it was a lot of fun. It was a tough-fought game, but I narrowly pulled out a victory as blue for the second time now (the only color I've won), but the two new armies were pretty interesting.

That's all I got for now - I'm tired and gotta keep watching Tom Hanks on Conan's last show!

P.S. I'm thinking of all games that end in "!" are probably winners.

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