Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

WARNING: Obligatory post about what I'd like to get accomplished this year that has a tie to the New Year's holiday is forth-coming. You have been warned!

1. Continue (as in no quitting/getting bored of) my Twitter story, The Saga of Hoplite, to develop my storytelling abilities. I don't really know what a healthy amount of tweets would be for a Twitter serial (these things aren't exactly an established format at this point), but I hope to be at 400 tweets of Story-telling super hero goodness by 12/31/10. That's a little over a post a day at this point, which is quite a modest goal. If you're not following it, check it out here: SagaofHoplite.

2. Actually run my Hunter: the Vigil game via pdf's that White Wolf graciously provided me for review at Eye of the Vortex.

3. Continue to work on writing quality articles for Eye of the Vortex and expand my area of coverage.

4. Spend at least two months doing Shocktober-style posts for here at the Hopeless Gamer as part of a larger effort to continually develop my writing skills.

5. Provide live coverage of both Gencon Indy 2010 and Con of the North which The Bro and I are all set up to do in February (excitement!).

6. Complete at least the first draft of my first homebrew game so it can be up and running for play tests and revisions.

7. Learn how to play and run a game of WHFRPG 3rd Edition!

8. Learn about 5 new indie games I have never seen a pdf copy of or held in person (basically I could have heard of it, but no real exposure to it).

9. Play an RPG at a convention or locally with a group I've never played with before (although this could include The Bro or The Wife).

That's it for now!

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