Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Day After Ragnarok

I find it appropriate that I picked up the Savage Worlds supplement, The Day After Ragnarok today considering it's the day after my birthday. Or it's not appropriate, whatever, just thought it was interesting that it's in fact The Day After My Birthday as well. Anywho, I'm still trying to get a grip on the next game I plan on running. I started reading the rules for Warhammer 3rd edition last night and am enjoying the huge production value put into the books. Obviously I'm also interested in Ragnarok and giving the Savage Worlds ruleset a try as well. I'm leaning towards Ragnarok at this point as my best guess since it's a Weird War II setting and our most picky player is a big fan of WWII history. Bonus points on my side because the world is different enough that he can't really catch me on too many historical inconsistencies.

Planning is continuing to go forward with my Genius: The Transgression character. At this point he's roughly based on Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Roland from Borderlands. I'm leaning now more towards a playboy-style character. He's definitely an arms-designer and engineer, that's my priority, but he's got the exploration and treasure-hunting ambitions of Roland. I'm thining my first wonder to focus on will be my steampunk SMG-styled rifle. I'm thinking something to look like this. Gotta love Soviet weapon designs.

In the A/V club, I keep picking up new PS3 games from Goozex since finishing my first playthrough of Borderlands. Loved Borderlands, but I need a bit of a break between playthroughs (although I'm itching to try out the Siren class at some point). Valkyria Chronicles is as good as the demo suggested and I plan on playing it up a bunch. Just got Modern Warfare 1 as well, and I think I understand why it's so popular. FINE, I GET IT. I still thought the demo for Killzone 2 was prettier, but that'll be a purchase for a later day.

(Image borrowed from the Late to the Party's Review of The Day After Ragnarok.)

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