Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gamer Christmas List: Stocking Stuffer Edition

In my first post about the gamer Christmas list I looked at a single product, Asmodee Edition's Frontiers. Today will be something different. There is no shortage of tiny items one could stick in their shoe. From miniatures to dice to decks and boosters of playing cards, there's a lot out there that fits in the palm of your hand. So, where do we start? How do you not end up spending a bajillion dollars on one little stocking stuffer?

Q-Workshop Dice

Q-Workshop offers some pretty fancy pants dice. One of their newer releases, the official Arkham Horror set of d6's are pretty great. Utilizing their signature borders for each side, they've taken their elder sign set of dice to a whole new level.

They are a little on the expensive side at 8 euros, and you only get 5, but if you didn't get a chance to grab the dice The Bro showed off in his Gamer Bling post, now's your chance to pay a bit more but really impress/surprise that Arkham Horror owner in your life. The great thing is that they can be used for any game that requires d6's. I'm thinking Mouse Guard would benefit from these as well since you'll know you've got a success for sure once you get an elder sign.

Living Card Game (LCG) Expansion Packs

Whether you know someone obsessed with A Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, or Warhammer: Invasion (or simply all three), FFG has a cheap present for any flavor of LCG. The core game will run you near $40.00, depending where you shop, but if you know someone already interested in the core set and just needs a bit more to bring the life out of the game, the expansion packs are fantastic and cheap ways to stretch the value of the game.

Whether Chapter (Game of Thrones), Asylum (Call of Cthulhu), or Battle (Warhammer) packs, they all retail for just $9.99. One of the other advantages is that there's a real benefit to owning more than one copy of the same battle pack. Half the cards in each battle pack only come with one copy. If you own more than one copy of the battle pack, you're getting extra copies of those really good cards. Yay!

Reaper Miniatures

Reaper has a long history of delivering the bang for your buck. They're constantly upping their game delivering more detailed, dynamic, and strongly designed miniatures each year. You can't go wrong with their basic line, and you'll find your most value here. However, dig a bit deeper, be willing to pay another buck and you'll find that their Warlord line has a lot to offer.

I've also started to become quite enamored by the few models shown in their new line specifically designed to be used in Paizo's Pathfinder game. Whether or not you follow the line, you have the admit that the details are sharp and the aesthetic certainly fits in with modern D&D tropes. Just check out those prices, I mean, come on? Am I right?

All images were borrowed from their respective sites, which I linked above. That's it for stocking stuffers for now!

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