Monday, October 26, 2009

Custom Arkham Horror Dice

As you can see, I have three different sets of dice on the left. From top to bottom these are "blessed," "normal," and "cursed" dice for use in Arkham Horror. A group and order was organized by one of the members on Board Game Geek for a bulk order from Chessex for these dice. The bulk order allowed for lowered prices and made these somewhat more affordable.
The blue dice contain successed (the elder sign) on 3 sides, the green dice contain successes on two sides, and the red contain only a single success.

In Arkham Horror the number of successes matters in resolving a variety of actions from encounters on cards to magic spells, to combat.

These dice also have numbers indicating how high the roll was as some effects of items and other cards rely on the number rolled. While these are fairly uncommon in the game, we wanted a way to read the numbers if possible. It is my understanding that the Chessex people were very helpful with design.

Overall the dice are very nice and will go a long way towards my increasing interest in making Arkham Horror as highly immersive as possible. The dice arrival this week will make our Friday plans for a day before Halloween quest into that town even more fun than previously planned.

Anyone have any other ideas for some fairly easy updates to Arkham Horror?

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