Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Cygnar Day Hopeless Gamer

I guess it's Cygnar day over at PrivateerPress.com.

Not only did they announce the forces of Warmachine: Cygnar faction book (in which I assume this means it's the first one they're releasing), but they also released the image for the resculpted Commander Adept Nemo (pictured here courtesy of Privateer Press' own website).

Nemo's always been my favorite caster both in play and in fluff. The old man offers a lot of grit while still being Einstein-brilliant. He's a soldier and inventor at heart, and that's kind of what Cyngar means to me. He's also one of the few models that I've personally painted from start to finish, and I can't wait to get my hands on the new version. The guys just looks fantastic.

I wasn't as crazy for the resculpt of Caine as I've read other people were, but this new Nemo is a mini I think worth buying.

NaNoWriMo note - still going strong and keeping pace for day 3! yay!

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