Saturday, November 21, 2009

Firday Nite Gaming! 11/20/09 -Chaos when Dracula fights in the Colossal Arena

Last night was a good night for FNG. We actually ended up playing three separate games, which we haven't done for quite some time. We started by playing some Chaos in the Old World. We had four players, so we went for it. The is the first game where we played characters we had previous experience with, except for one of our players who played for the first time (we gave him Khorne since he's Khorne incarnate in any other game we play). I came in second (again, as I always seem to) as Tzeentch and had a ton of fun. The new player playing as Khorne was an interesting wild card (again, as he usually is in any game) and still almost won the game through blind luck and dial turns. Tzeentch is quickly becoming my favorite god, although I recall good times with Nurgle as well.

We then moved on to Fury of Dracula. I'll admit I was a little distracted, but Fury, while enjoyable, seems a little bit of a one-note of a game. If you've never played, which would be a shame since it's a classic, the players are split between one Dracula player and up to four human players. It's all based on the Stoker novel with characters like Mina and Van Helsing. I played as Lord Glamording (probably misspelled that). However, THE BRO who was handling both Mina and Helsing, was the star of the game as he proceeded to win six or seven rolls in a row versus Dracula, killing him and ending tyranny in Europe forever. Go team food!

We ended the night with Colossal Arena, an FFG silverline game that I got three years ago from THE BRO for Christmas and never played before (also where we got the image from on FFG's online store). It's a Knizia game that is kind of like a Wits 'n Wagers version of the card game War. This was the distraction during Fury - I was reading the four pages of the rule book when it wasn't my turn. After taking longer than I'd like to admit to get through our first turn, the game flew by. It's 2 to 5 players and a ton of fun. There are a limited number of rounds, very little text, and mechanics non-gamers can feel comfortable with (it's just like Poker, see, you bet! No, fine, it's not like Poker at all, but now you're a neeeeeerrrrrrd...geek!) that it feels like a good game to introduce to newbies.

Of course THE BRO and I got in another harrowing game of Warhammer Invasion. I played as the Empire for the first time versus the dwarves. It was bleak most of the game and if not for a late, late combo play on my part, it would have been completely one-sided. That being said, the Empire still hasn't won a game between both of us playing it. It's kind of frustrating because I like how the Empire works. It's super shifty and unpredictable. They just need more of a punch at this point to break through dwarf walls. All that whining aside, we're really picking up a lot of the rules, and excitement is still building.

That's all for now, I gotta get back to my review of Don't Rest Your Head for the December issue of Eye of the Vortex!

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