Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall Cleaning

So I was going to post something fun and insightful today, but after posting my new trade thread on, I'm afraid my fingers might fall off. Seriously, it's epic. You should check it out and shoot me a message over there or reply to the thread if you have any interest in my stuff! I finally decided that I need to clean out my huge piles of stuff in our rec room (which is apt for a name - the room used to be completely wrecked).


  1. That's an epic list of stuff indeed!

    If you had a 360 I'd let you borrow assassin's creed and force unleashed... alas, not sure if you do but I don't think so :(.

  2. Alas we do not have a 360, but plan to pick up a PS3 this friday as part of a bundle. We did pick up our new 40 inch LCD flat screen tonight and it is glorious, even without any HD ness to play on it right now.


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