Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brainstorming in Eberron

So as per my previous post, the groups begun talking about our next long-term D&D campaign and placing it in Eberron. I'm stoked, but I want to organize my thoughts here. Mike asked us last night to start thinking about what we want to see in a campaign and adventures and then we're going to talk about it as a group next week.

I can't wait, so here's some ideas I've come up with and plan on keeping a running list if more ideas occur to me in the future:

1. Airships, Eberron 4th ed still has these, right? Ok, then airships, I don't care if the crew ends up owning one, working for one, infiltrating an airship crew as spies, or just fights some monsters or scurvy airdogs on one, I just need an airship involved at some point.

2. Gunmages with guns! I'm already looking at class/race options and trying to figure out how best to capture the feel of Iron Kingdoms gunmages. I already have a mini picked out and everything (the picture here, look at the guy all the way on the right, thanks!)

3. Cohesive background. This one is obvious, but we've been experimenting quite a bit with our D&D characters, often switching characters completely from week to week. We're all cool with this for the Delve since we play it try out new and fun ideas, but we also have done this in the past for a longer campaign setting as well. My personal goal is to stick to the advancement rules as well as my character until we're done or he dies. That means planning and testing my character out a whole bunch more before actually playing and sticking to the bad things I've built into the character. The plus side is that I'll also have a character with actual development over the course of play influenced by my choices I make for him and the things he has seen in his life before and during play.

4. Cohesive group. I'm really looking forward to sitting down with the group next friday and actually build a fellowship, guild, or whatever with our characters having some background or rivalries, or what have you with each other. We also will have a purpose beyond follow the orders of the local Duke, Sir Nukem. Again, this is perfect for the Delve, but our Eberron campaign should be something more than the way you complete a quest in an MMO like world of warcraft. I want a cohort that is sustained and evolves over time.

More to come, maybe!

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  1. Cohesive groups are so great. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.



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