Friday, September 4, 2009

Firday Nite Gaming! 9/4/09: Tonight, the Fighter dines in Hell!

(Thanks to RJ Slm for the picture here posted on the Ticket to Ride entry at BGG. This is actually what looks to be a travel edition, which is a very neat idea!)

So, tonight was a great night, even though we were a player short. We haven't been a full group since, I believe, two weeks before Gencon, but we decided to bully through the seventh level dungeon delve provided by Wizard's Dungeon Delve book.Our emphasis in the Delve is much more competitive between DM and players with a nice little house rule that once a character dies, we can't ever build a new character with the same race/class combination, so it's kind of for keeps.

We played tonight with, as mentioned above, four players for a five player delve without adjusting the number of monsters. Brutality ensued. I finally got to test out my Eladrin wizard, Casten Seaborn and performed fantastically. It was a hoot being a very maneuverable and explosive wizard. I was very pleased with my personal performance for the first time as a controller.

The Goliath Fighter did not fair as well. A two-handed weapon fighter, he was shieldless and only had one more in armor class than the rest of us (23 compared to the rest of us at 22). He was slaughtered by the ogres and orcs that would surround him. We didn't have a striker either, so it took us a little longer to put down each of the monsters (our part was my eladrin wizard, the goliath fighter, an elven cleric, and a tiefling psionic). It was alot of fun for the rest of us and we three survived, so Casten will be seeing another dungeon in his life time, which I'm pretty stoked for.

We played some Ticket To Ride (U.S.) tonight, which is the first in a long time, and it was fantastic. This game clicks with me like no other euro game out there, and I seem to win it more than not. That was the case tonight. I completed 4 ticket paths (all I had) and had the longest continuous track. I performed exceedingly well, if I do say so myself.

We followed that up with some We Didn't Playtest This At All and the newer expansions THE BRO picked up (you can look at his preview entry about this game for more details here). The expansions add a huge amount to the game and appear to lend it a nice amount of replayability. The game, like Fluxx, has the hazard of getting old real quick, so this is very welcomed.

We ended up with some Nuclear War, which is turning into our go-to game for the end of the night. Still fun, almost won, but nobody actually survived, so that's good at least.

We end the night by looking forward and making some plans for future get-togethers. We're really starting to think abotu what we would like to do if we resume playing an actual D&D campaign and taking a break from the dungeon delves for a while now. We love the delves, and they seem to scratch a wargaming, roleplaying, and board game itch all reasonably well, but I think we're hoping to get some more character-based fantasy play in. We'll likely be playing in Eberron, which is the setting that currently appeals to me most. Mike's going to let me change the flavor of bows to guns for a more steampunk form of the ranger, so I'm exceedingly excited about using a Warmachine mini as an accurate depiction of my D&D character. Hopefully fun times are ahead!

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