Monday, August 3, 2009

World of Darkness

So one of my biggest interests in the past few months is White Wolf's New World of Darkness line of horror role-playing game + settings. In the spirit of being honest, I've only read completely through the core book, which, I might say, is an excellent buy and super cheap compared to most hardcover gaming text books.

I'm sure I'll write more in the future about White Wolf and their game lines (I'm especially stoked about their new game, Geist: The Sin-Eaters being released at Gencon this year), but for now I just want to give a word on the lines.

I just received the Mage: Boston Unveiled setting book in the mail today. I've slowly been picking up the different game lines to check them out, and this will likely sound extremely whiny, but these books are just so full of fluff that they can be quite difficult to get through. Throw in the extremely poor choice of thin cursive writing for all the Mage book's section titles, and it's just kind of tedious.

Take of example the Boston Unveiled book. I got it super cheap used on Amazon mainly because I had heard good things about the Antagonists in the book, specifically the Prince of 100,000 Leaves. It sounded like a neat idea, but it was extremely light on the crunch, unfortunately. I don't regret the purchase by any means and will hopefully use it more in the future in planning my chronicles, but still, I can see why everyone is expected a revised edition of Mage in particular soon.

On a side note: I've been reading the Hunter: The Vigil core and finally got through the first 50 or so pages of fluff and am finally getting to character creation and more of the original and neat ideas that the setting offers. I can only take so much stoic candle-bearing for so long before I need to look at some nasty government agency that protects the greater government from infiltrated vampires (I know it's not in this book, but I'm looking forward to the future!).

Anyway, out of the main gamelines I don't have the fatsplits for Promethean and Changeling, and Hunter is definitely my favorite so far. We'll have to see if Geist can pull me away from Hunter. Maybe Gencon will provide me with cheap copies of the other two missing fatsplats while I'm at it.

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