Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Excitement Already!

And as I just begin this blog, it appears to be a good time to be a gamer! RPG geek, the sister sight and role-playing equivalent to the excellent Boardgame Geek just launched two days ago (I know, breaking news on the cutting edge, now only available at The Hopeless Gamer, right?)!

My brother and I have been using boargame geek as a resource for gaming happy-times for years now. The fan-created hacks and game aids are really an invaluable source for those of us lacking in the graphic arts (or time) skills. I have high hopes as I begin to use the new RPG-based sight that we'll get some similarly-useful documents for all the games we play! One of my woes as a gamer is that only two of our six players in our group are interested in pursuing new games outside of D&D 4e or Star Wars Saga Edition. While I enjoy both games, there are non-d20 games out there worth our time.

Player aids are one of those things that can make pitching a new game to players otherwise uninitiate or uninformed so much easier. Also I now may have even more that I'm exciting to write about (which is a plus when starting a new blog).

[announcer voice] Stay tuned for more coverage on RPG geek and much, much more, only on The Hopeless Gamer blog! [/announcer voice]

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