Thursday, August 21, 2014

Select Painting Competition Models from Gencon 2014

The Gamer Wife is a big fan of painting miniatures. It helps that she's a much better painter than myself, but we both appreciate a pretty mini. She likes her some speed painting as well, and if you're a hobbyist when it comes to miniatures, Gencon has a wonderful area with tons to do, including the fun paint-and-take where the group gives you a mini to keep and you can use all the supplies you might need to make it pretty!

I decided to take some photos again this year of the competition miniatures. Check out the photos below!


  1. Good lord, those are impressive. I see now that my paint jobs, which were competitive 20 years ago, are comparative crap today. That snake-headed thing (which is an actual Egyptian monster, in the sense the ancient Egyptians really depicted them) is pretty outstanding. That must represent many hours of work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are sweeeet! Incredible, really, I did try to do some mini painting a couple times in past, but... damn was I awful at it ;p
    Also, your photos are actually quite good! Have you though about doing some work for an agencja reklamy? Wrocław might be a good place to try, didn't you mention some time back that you visit it fairly often?

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