Monday, August 27, 2012

Gencon Aftermath Picture Post - Sedition Wars

Today's my first post in a series of picture posts from Gencon 2012. I have a couple of different themes to go through, but today's is about the single game I'm most excited for (that I'm aware of) coming out in the near future. The wife and I backed the Sedition Wars kickstarter big time because A.) we believe in it and the McVey's and B.) it was a great value. We're getting two of the base games along with all the extras and a couple of add-on minis.

I've been following the McVey's since they helped found Privateer Press and Warmachine way back at my first Gencon (in the halcyon days of Gencon Milwaukee). We bought a couple of Sedition Wars mini's last year at Gencon when Mike McVey was first demo'ing the game. It was the wife's first exposure to a Space Hulk-style dungeon crawl game, and I think she was hooked. Not ever owning such a game myself directly, I couldn't have been more excited. A year later, I'm just as excited to play, and she's even more excited to start painting all of the truly grotesque models!

You'll have to forgive some of the picture quality below. I was actually surprised how it was difficult, at times, to take good pictures as the focus was spread and I'm not good with photography. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures below and consider it a rather brief preview of the coming awesomeness that the Sedition Wars kickstarter is hopefully going to deliver come this Fall!

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