Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Post! Little Bit posts about her recent discovery of the awesomeness of Cosplaying!

My little sister has finally decided to put together her own blog (link at the bottom of this article), and as a part of that, I have asked her to write a guest post for The Hopeless Gamer talking about her favorite nerdy hobby: cosplaying. I know nothing of cosplaying. I've seen it, my wife's done it amazingly, but I don't do it. I can appreciate it in most forms I come across, but it's just not for me. We are in luck though! It is exactly for my sister. So without further ado, take it away Little Bit!

I love all things cosplay…well mostly. As a nerd girl I feel like I get a little bit of a pass if my cosplay isn’t up to snuff, but I am not someone who will roam around a con in a bikini or a powergirl costume (I am in awe of women who will, but sometimes repulsed). I’m the kind of nerd girl who loves her strong female characters and being as accurate as possible. My first cosplay experience was at Gencon 2009. It was also my first convention. My older brother and I decided that we would do a costume. We came up with pretty awesome death eater costumes that I am very proud of.

My next Gencon I sadly did not cosplay, but I highly admired and was jealous of everyone who did and looked awesome. Then I went to C2E2 last spring. This changed my view of cosplay and what kind of cosplay I would do. Before, I didn’t want to cosplay as someone that was iconic. With my death eater costume I came up with my own character, but was clearly part of the death eater group. At C2E2, I saw tons of people cosplay as specific charcters, and while they may not have looked exactly like the person they were dressed up as, they still pulled it off and were recognizable. I thought that I could do that to. There is no celebrity that I really look like so I never had a go to, but know I started thinking outside of who I looked like and more about who I connected with the most. Then there was the drive home from C2E2. I had seen the episode “Blink” before, but the Hopeless Gamer really helped me on my way to loving Doctor Who. I returned to my dorm that week and only watched Doctor Who until I was caught up. This past summer I was able to watch Doctor Who series 6 during the actually times it was airing on BBC America.

This brings me to my next series of costuming. My sister-in-law wanted to create a weeping angel costume for Gencon 2011, and of course I was more than willing to join in. I have minor experience in sewing, but enough to follow a pattern and create a skirt with an elastic waist. I helped her create part the main clothing of her costume and decided that I could dress up as the eleventh Doctor one day and Amy Pond another day. My Doctor costume was easy enough to assemble: fez, coat, striped shirt, wig, navy pants, and black boots. I purchased most of it second had or on sale and all in all cost me less the $75. I think it turned out pretty well, even though I was cross dressing, and my sister-in-law obviously looked AMAZING.

Enter my favorite costume I have worn so far. Originally I planned on dressing in the Amy Pond costume from the episodes “The Time of Angles” and “Flesh and Stone.”

I bought the sweatshirt from American Apparel, bought a skirt from goodwill that I modified, and had the tights and shoes. So excited…then I tried it on. This is the first instance of me realizing that size does matter. I am not almost six feet tall like the gorgeous Karen Gillian, so this one size fits all sweatshirt on my 5 foot 4 from looked ridiculous. Of course, this all happened two days before the con. So costume-less, I came up with a new plan. I decided to try to get a kissogram Amy Pond costume accomplished in 2 days time. I ran all around town looking for parts the next day. Easily found the skirt, button up, bowler, checkered fabric, belt, and shoes. The hard part was the vest. I looked everywhere for the stupid vest! Finally, last stop of the day, I found one I could modify at goodwill. I got home and spent the rest of the day making the vest look as best and accurate as I could. I was missing a few things like the radio and the pouches on the belt, but I think it worked well for making it in a day and a half.

One of the reasons this was my favorite costume was the vast amount of Doctor Who cosplayers there were at Gencon. We all met up and took a picture. It was so COOL!

C2E2 was this past weekend and The Hopeless Gamer brought his niece. It was her first convention and she LOVES Doctor Who and wanted to dress up, so I offered to join her. I decided to take my Amy Pond costume and make it awesomer. THG’s niece cosplayed as Liz X and it was awesome. I have other cosplay costumes I am working on for Gencon 2012 and will give some status updates on my own blog. Hope you enjoy reading what I have to say and share! For more information on cosplay, how my kissogram costume was modified, and other awesome things follow my blog: Little Bit: Nerdiness in Fun Size or follow me on twitter: @littlebitnerd

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