Tuesday, April 17, 2012

c2e2 2012 Picture Post!

Another year, another great Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo a.k.a. C2E2! This year marks the third c2e2, and while there were some small disappointments here and there, overall we had a great time and came away with some good memories. Once again, I'm doing a picture mega-post to highlight some of the cooler stuff we got to see at this year's show. The picture above is from a pretty neat point of view. In the foreground you can see the main entrance to the show, then across the way you can see the convention hall itself through the high windows. This year's show was bigger than ever with what felt like an Artist Alley at least twice as big as before! Keep reading after the jump for more pictures.

One of the highlights of c2e2 that we always seem to miss out on is the big movie auction they do every year. This year we got to see a bunch of props and cool crap that were used in the Captain America movie. It was really impressive to see all the pulpy action goodness in one place in person like that. It didn't hurt that Cap is one of my top five favorite superheroes.

I had heard of 3d printing before, and while my mind wanders at the thought of printing out an army of plastic mini's ready to paint and throw on the battlefield (some day!), it still seems prohibitively expensive to get into. That being said, Makerbot had a really neat d3 printer on display that seems to have taken a big step toward affordability and utility. at $1,749.00, the printer still costs a pretty chunk of change, but it's definitely a strong sign that these awesome machines are getting cheaper very quickly. I can't wait until they're able to bring them under $500.00. In the meantime, enjoy the fantasy plumber-themed printed items in the pictures below!

These finely-dressed weirdos make a web comic, or so they claim.

And last, but certainly not least for this year's picture megapost of c2e2, come the two cutest cosplayers I know. Below you can see my little sister (Pond) and my niece (Liz X). It was my niece's first con ever as well as first cosplaying experience, and I think she had fun. She really got into the whole royalty thing, and I think the mask helped her get over any kind of self-conscious feelings she might have had about dressing up. 

Consider these last two pictures as a little preview for a guest post by a certain impersonator-of-ginger-haired-Scottish-companions which I'll be posting later this week. Check back soon!

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