Monday, February 28, 2011

Guest Article over at Stacked

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to write a guest article at the book review blog Stacked. Our friend Kelly is one of the writers over there, and she pitched the idea of having me write a post for a special theme week known as Guys Read. From her description of the theme week: 

"As anyone who has spent any time on the blog knows, I am passionate about guy reads. There is so much out there for guy reads, but so little is paid attention to it. To celebrate and highlight the great things about guy lit, we're throwing a Guys Read week here at Stacked.

Stay tuned this week for book reviews, guest posts, and a resource list for those who want to learn more about the topic or those who are interested in good guy reading. We've got a giveaway, as well. We'll hit on comic books, sports books, capturing the male voice, and much, much more. I'm excited by the variety of voices and stories we get to highlight this week.

Hop into the discussion and share your experiences and thoughts on all things guys read this week. Share these things widely and feel free to add your two cents. We're open for discussion!"

So I was pretty psyched for the chance to write about comics. Kelly posted my article introducing general library nerds to the joys of comic book nerdery. I even made five suggestions for people who want to give comics a try (and no, it wasn't just Watchmen, Y: The Last Man, The Walking Dead, Kingdom Come, and The Dark Knight Returns - cut me a little slack here!). I'd encourage you all to go check out my post and while you're there explore, relax, and enjoy yourself for a little while. 


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