Monday, January 24, 2011

What to buy?!

As a result of Christmas, I picked up quite a bit in certificates for Noble Knight. Now Noble Knight is regularly a really awesome place (just click the banner above to see why!), but it's extra special in our situation - we live in the same town as Noble Knight and regularly use it as our friendly local gaming store just to browse all the amazing stuff they offer. So here I am with the enviable task of trying to figure out how to spend $75.00 at Noble Knight. So, what should I buy? As of now, I have two items in my cart:

I remember hearing about this game way back in an early episode of the podcast On Board Games. I don't really have any party games for lots of players - you know, something non-gamers would like - and so Democrazy pulled me right in as something interesting, and it's crazy cheap! The premise is that the rules are very fluid, and players vote on which rules to make the game to put themselves into a winning position. It's a little like Fluxx and We Didn't Playtest This At All, but with more strategy and less complete randomness. It looks to be very social.

UA is a game I've been interested in since I was trying to decide between getting into it or the New World of Darkness. Obviously, nWoD won out. From everything I've read about UA, the core book is a fantastic setting combined with a simple, gritty system, topped off with one of the most innovative sanity meters ever invited. I'm pretty much sold on any of those points.

But UA offers more than just another urban fantasy setting. It's notorious for being just weird and out there enough that it doesn't resemble anything else. Even White Wolf's urban fantasy draws heavily from the traditions of myth, folklore, and legend. UA doesn't do this. Instead it takes a thoroughly-modern approach to magic and simply makes things work in ways they probably weren't meant to. That works for me.

What Else?

So I've got those two things I'm planning on picking up for sure, but what else do I want? I never picked up Changeling: The Lost core book last year, and it's still calling out to me pretty strongly. I also am interested in picking up some general Mage: The Awakening books just for enjoyment of reading them. And then there's Battlestar Galactica: Exodus - the newest expansion for the board game we've played more than any other. Right now I'm leaning towards that + enough sleeves to cover all the nifty cards that will come with it. I haven't been in a real big fantasy mood as of late, so that rules out a ton of stuff I would otherwise be interested in. Really modern stuff and sci-fi stuff are my interests with a leaning towards mystic/supernatural/religious overtones just to muddy the water. Consider it further research for a big project I've been working on and just breathed new life into. Anyway, suggestions/critiques/comments are always welcomed!

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