Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dragon Age - My Players Will Make You Jealous.

Two weeks ago we played our second session of the intro adventure for Dragon Age - "The Dalish Curse" - and it was amazing. The gameplay was a ton of fun, the players got to advance the plot and be bad-asses, but the most amazing part of the night was the terrain piece put together by our human warrior player, Keegan. I'm still hoping he'll write up a full article for the blog with lots of pictures showing his step-by-step process in making this amazing piece of terrain, but in the mean-time I'm going to show a bit of a sneak peek. This piece of terrain made an average encounter a truly memorable gaming experience.Yes, that is fog coming from the bottom of the chasm.


  1. That is truly badass! Tweeting this one the @DragonAgeOracle account, but this may need to be a post on the Dragon Age Oracle website.

  2. Thanks guys! We'll hopefully be having the full write-up with tons more pictures in the next week or two.


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