Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Gamer Christmas List Part 2

And now without further ado, I present to you part 2 of my gamer Christmas list! Christmas is only a two days away, which is awesome. Before I dive into the list though, I want to let everyone know to check back tomorrow as I've got a little year-end announcement to make that'll kickstart a series of posts to take us all the way to 2011. Anywho, first things first - Christmas!

World of Darkness: Mirrors

You know nothing says Christmas time quite like White Wolf's World of Darkness setting. I think I have that wrong. No matter, Mirrors is a book that I've been anticipating for quite some time. The offers for nWoD are few and far between lately, so I'll take anything I can get. This book promises to be a tool kit for many different kinds of nWoD books. Like many of the other tool kit books put out by White Wolf, I'm anticipating a smattering of some really top-notch gamey ideas.

One of the problems I have with World of Darkness is that while I love reading the books and get the general game mechanic I don't so much... play the games. They're pretty much the top of the tier when it comes to modern urban horror (the Horror Recognition Guide is an amazing work of "found" fiction pulled straight out of the universe), a lot of it just doesn't jump out at me. I'm crossing my fingers that Mirrors finally pushes me over the edge to maybe play a game or two of it - any of it really.

Wraith Recon

Amethyst is awesome. I know that this is a weird way to start off, but the point is that Amethyst is a fantastic alternative setting for D&D 4th Ed. It's really inspired me to keep looking for other great products that could spark my interest in 4th Ed. Amethyst is a great starting point for sci-fi using the rules, and although I'd love to find a straight sci-fi setting for the game, sci-fi trappings are still going to draw me in.

Enter Wraith Recon. The premise is amazing and immediately puts characters into the badass category. When looking at new games and trying to think of what games I'd like to design, there's really only one question I ever ask myself: Are the players badass? A yes to that question means I move forward and a no means I'm pretty much done. In Wraith Recon, the players are a small group, a fantasy SWAT combat group, armed with the highest of magical tech available, to execute wetwork missions to secure the safety of their kingdom. Sold.

Dragon Age DM Kit and Blood in Ferelden

While I don't technically need a DM screen for Dragon Age since I run it basically out of my Droid X (see here for more details), there are few cooler things out there than a great piece of mood art to get a gaming group going. Just take a look at the right here - that's some epic crap that can get anybody's blood pumping.

More than the screen however, these two products offer four more full adventures for Dragon Age as well as several hooks to fully develop into your own adventures. Dragon Age is pretty much the game I want to be GM'ing for the foreseeable future. It's freaking fast to run and incredibly easy to prepare a session in it. Also, once I get these, I'll have everything available for Dragon Age from Green Ronin until the second box set comes out (which I will likely buy immediately). There's just a little part of me that's a completionist and just loves that aspect of it. It would be the perfect cap to a ridiculously-great gamer Christmas!

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