Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Gamer Christmas List Part 1

So I hate the song "My Grown-up Christmas List" since it sounds terrible and the entire premise is just kind of dumb. I'm more of a "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" kind of guy. That being said, I thought I'd try to eradicate Grown-up Christmas List with my own version - My Gamer Christmas List. These are things I'm actually asking for and really hoping to get! Over the next two posts I've divided my tabletop Christmas list into two smaller lists. Please feel free to post your own lists or big items you're hoping to get in our comments sections. Following these two posts, we've got a nice end-of-the-year surprise coming up. Just because I don't have to go to the office doesn't mean we're going to stop working on the blog!

Tannhauser Rules Revised Edition

I've wanted to like Tannhauser pretty much from the start. I bought into it immediately and thought it would be the game for me. Then I played it... once, and haven't come back to it. The rules in the original game are quite clunky, and when we got word a while ago that Fantasy Flight was rewriting them, I was ecstatic. For some reason though, I just haven't been able to find the time or the small amount of cash it would take to pick the new rules up. I love the fact that they released it as its own product for some reason, although I'm not really sure why. Tannhauser is just fun though from its gritty alternate WWII setting to the nicely pre-painted mini's to the unique line of sight system it utilizes. I just like the darn thing.

I've been trying to find some fun 2 player games Andrea and I can play. She likes Elves and Demons and Orcs just like any other awesome geek girl, but she's not to much into the strategic combat. So many great two player games are war games, and while that's great for Chuck and I, not so much for me and my missus.

However, as much as Andrea doesn't like war games, she absolutely loves logic and puzzle games. She even took a logic-based math course in college and often spends long car rides feeling out those little logic puzzle books you can buy at any gas station or grocery store. To this end, I'm hoping Mr. Jack will be a perfect fit for us when we want to get our game on but don't want to leave the house or see other people.

Summoner Wars Reinforcement Pack

I realize this might not be out by Christmas, but hey, my birthday's January 4th, so it may all be cool anyway. We like Summoner Wars a lot. It plays quick and the action is a lot of fun. It's super portable which means a ton for what's basically a miniatures skrimish game. I own the Dwarves/Goblins starter, and while Chuck's picked up pretty much everything else, I still love my little factions and can't wait to get the reinforcements for both of them.

Card games go back to our routes as gamers. We grew up playing various junky games over the years, but it all started when we each got a starter deck for Marvel Overpower. I still remember thinking how badass it was when I got both Bishop and Gambit in the same starter. I was terrible at the game. Some may argue I'm still terrible at card games or really war games in general. I just don't tend to have that killer instinct to go for the throat. Summoner Wars is one of those games that I don't mind sucking at because I'm having too much fun while I play.

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  1. Haven't played the others but I really enjoy Mr. Jack.

    Have a faboo Christmas. :)


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