Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Hopefuls - Game We're Most Hopeful For In 2011 - Amethyst

I had a hard time picking out today's Hopeful winner. There's a lot of games out there with a lot of great future releases to look forward to in 2011. I'm really anticipating the second box set for Dragon Age, and who knows what AEG has planned for the already-impressive Legends on the Five Rings Fourth Edition. Did I mention yet that The One Ring is slatted to be out this year as well?

When it came to picking the game that's got me most excited to be in the hobby this coming year, I picked a game from a genre that wouldn't be all that unique just a few years ago. We've talked about Amethyst quite a bit (find more about it here), and we're looking forward to more opportunities in the future with the upcoming books that will significantly expand the line and setting.

The tabletop landscape has drastically evolved in recent years since the transition from third to fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Where we once had hundreds of D&D settings, we now have less than maybe five fully-realized independent settings to play in. Amethyst has bucked the trend and would be an innovative product even for Third Edition but really sets the bar for what an independent publisher can do with Fourth Edition. 2011 should be a very good year for Techan classes and the players (us!) who love them.


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  1. I am really loving this as well. My full review will be coming out soon, but I have very few bad things to say about this book. I would love to see it become a huge hit in 2011


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