Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've got Poo! And Gaming ADHD!

I was very excited to see that Sandstorm Productions sent me Poo in the mail when I checked my mail today rather than the usual assortment of credit card offers, bills, ads and other junk mail I usually get.

First thoughts on opening up the package:

 -Excitement that this game can play 2-8 players

-Excitement that this game plays in 5-15 minutes

-Excitement that I get to play as monkeys throwing poo at each other

- How does this game created by the guys who brought us CthulhuTech fit in with that universe?

Check back in the next 7-10 days (hopefully) for a full review once Paul, Andrea, the crew and I have had a chance to completely test Poo. Also expect plenty of puns in the review. Poo was originally released in limited quantities last year and is due out in stores for a wide release in October. It can also be found at various online game stores as well.

In other news, I look forward to a number of board game projects for ipod touch/iphone/ipad such as Neuroshima Hex. I know Small World already has a two player game out there (with solo play and expansions available) for the ifamily of products. I personally have a Droid phone and hope that we will see more development along those lines for other systems.

Also, if you plan on attending Gaming Hoopla, check out the Fiasco, Dread and Call of Cthulhu games we will be running.

Finally, I picked up a copy of the retail version of Zombie in My Pocket. For the price, it is a very good deal and has a multiplayer option along with other enhancements. It comes in a plastic clam shell similar to the one for Glory to Rome. I would have liked to see the dice removed for slightly higher card quality, but that is mostly because I have a ton of dice that I could have used instead. Overall, good value for the cost. Check out the free version and my article on making the print and play version here.

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