Friday, May 14, 2010

Print and Play - Zombie Plague

I have not finished the scenario for my What if Evil won? supers setting, so I will toss out another print and play project I recently finished. Zombie Plague is a two+ player miniatures game. It has an action point (AP) system somewhat similar to Space Hulk with similar uneven forces (up to 4 zombies on the board per human player). The humans try to rid the house of zombies, search all of the searchable places (red X's in squares) and barricade themselves in the house. The zombies try to eat the humans brains. Searching can lead to items, but can also sometimes have bad effects like surprise attacks. How'd I make my very own Zombie Plague? Read On!

Items used in creating my copy of Zombie Plague:

Cutting Mat

Hobby Knife

Matte Photo Paper


Regular printer paper

Metal ruler


Zombie and Human figures (I used Last Night on Earth)

Print out the instructions on the regular paper, the black and white cards on card stock and the board on the matte photo paper. Use the hobby knife, ruler and cutting mat to cut the white edges off the board and to cut out the one page of cards. Pull out whatever heroes you want from Last Night on Earth and four zombies for each hero. I used four different colors for the zombies because I have them available. Read the rules and play the game.

I decidede against laminating the board since it currently fits together very well and I am afraid that it would not fit together well if laminated. I also considered sleeving the cards with some of FFGs smaller sized sleeves, but decided against sleeving since they didn't fit right and there are only a small number of cards.

I plan on trying this map in connection with the mansion board and maybe some of the other boards from Last Night on Earth to give an added dimension to LNoE. You will need to add a zombie spawn area to the Zombie Plague board, but I think it can add some neat change-up to LNoE. I can also see the board being used in a modern horror game such as All Flesh Must be Eaten.


  1. Interesting.
    I have been considering producing a set of miniature rules for a Zombie game.

  2. IT is definetely a customizable rule set too. You could completely add rules/scenarios and have a very different game from the commercially available zombie games. The one thing that bothers me about Last Night on Earth are the zombie spawning "pits." I would have preferred a mechanic where they suddenly appear in buildings (like newly risen dead or came in from off the board).

  3. A low cost solution, can use the miniatures from Zombies!!!, Twilight Creations sell bags with hundreds zombies males, females, dogs, clowns. could used in Zombie Plague.
    The Heroes from LNOE are a good choice to use, the new minis of zombies lauched can improve new rules. Zombies with weapons, the can broke the doors blocked easy.


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