Monday, July 26, 2010

Hopeless Gamer Lite: Gaming for Four.

Occasionally we are down a number of players from our normal game night and have to find other games to play. On these occassions we usually have four players (we usually call off game night if we would have less than four). Since last Friday we only had four players, I had to check out my games for good four player options. The following are games I really like to play with exactly four players. The first three games are competitive while the second three are cooperative.

Chaos in the Old World. Great game with variety in how each faction is played. I have played this game with only three people and it was nowhere near as much fun. This game is probably the epitome of what a four player game should be. Plus, the game can win and everyone loses if the seven Old World cards are played before anyone else wins.

Nueroshima Hex. One of my favorite all-time games. Plays very fast and replayability is high. With the expansions (fan and official), this game can be played all night or quickly for a game between games or at the end of the night.

Nexus Ops. This game is out of print, and copies can be pricey. The high prices are for a good reason, this game is fun and quick. It is somewhat like risk, but faster playing with variable unit powers. It ends up feeling a little bit like a turn-based strategy video game with resource control and new units each round. Highly recommended.

Pandemic. This cooperative game needs four different roles filled to make it fun. Some people consider this game more of a puzzle to solve than a game, but that doesn't really matter to me since it is fun either way. It's a tough game to beat, and everyone has to bring their A game. Ever wanted to play a game that simulates what a world-wide zombie pandemic would look like? Look no further.

Arkham Horror. This game can be played from 1-8 players, but the sweet spot is really at four players. At four players I feel the game has the best chance to be either won or lost. Cthulhu ate us in the last four player game we played, but it was still a ton of fun. It meshes aspects of role playing with good-old adventuring mixed in. Throw in a seemingly-endless supply of high-quality expansions, and you've got hours and hours of re-playability out of it.

Ghost Stories. We played this cooperative game for the first time last Friday and it was a lot of fun. I really like that this game is difficult to win (we lost all three efforts on the easiest setting) and that it has four difficulty levels. Each monk has two sides with different powers. From what we saw, the least fun character to play was red, although that could have been the player playing the color. One of the other great things is the tile-based board. Unlike Zombies!!!, you use the same nine tiles each game, but their placement is randomly determined. It really mixes things up.

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