Thursday, June 3, 2010

Roll The Dice - 6/3/10

This week's edition of Roll the Dice is a bit rushed and a bit on the light side. What can I say, the holiday weekend got away from me and I'm still careening off into trying to get back on track with the actual day job. Be happy you got anything at all you cretins!
Fantastic, dare I say important, advice for both experienced and newbie GM's. (

Need a good idea for a one-shot horror game? Play this movie but take it a step further and make these acts real, trap your players in the house, and have a good/terrible time! (netflix)

Crap Wizkids has a full schedule for Gencon including the most-excellent format of Battle Royales? Urge to play something that 'clix rising... (

Quickly becoming one of my favorite gaming blogs, I love the work they're doing with exploring the Mouse Guard RPG (Dice Monkey).

I just picked this up last week and have been enjoying the hell out of it. It would make a fantastic turn for a Supers game to take. (Top Shelf Comics)

I've found Flip-mats to be invaluable at this point for running Savage Worlds. Meet the City Market, the item of the week from Noble Knight Games. (Paizo Publishing)

I cleaned out heaps and heaps of Game of Thrones cards this weekend, but I can't resist it when a cool, rare character comes up in the game. (Fantasy Flight Games)

The new Penny Arcade/PVP D&D Podcast just started. I've already learned a thing or two about Dark Sun, including giant sentient mantis queens are kind of icky. (Wizards of the Coast - where I borrowed today's image from)

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