Sunday, June 6, 2010

I gave up doughnuts and pizza for Changeling: The Lost and L5R 4th Edition.

Confession time here: the Gamer Wife (GW) and I have been in Atkins Induction since last Tuesday, which puts us into day 6. Normally Induction is for about two weeks, but we're both hoping to lose more weight (if you've ever met us in person or at a con, you'd know we weren't the tiniest of gamer folk), so we've decided to go whole-hog and go Induction for a full month. To be honest, I was concerned that it wouldn't stick, so I've held off talking about it really to anyone for the first couple days.

Now don't worry, this isn't going to turn into an Atkins Diet blog by any means. There are actually several really good ones out there, so if you're curious, I'd recommend looking at The Lighter Side of Low-Carb blog as it's just fantastic with its recipes. That's purely a sidenote though.

What I really want to talk about is the fact that, the day before we started Induction, the GW and I made personal bets against ourselves that we couldn't last a full month on the plan. Basically we'd have to follow the honor system, but we're both pretty honest, so no worries there. For one month, from June 1st to June 30th, we were going to eat no more than 20 grams of carbs a day with 12 to 15 of these being from vegetables. Please keep reading so you don't think I'm really just writing about how great Atkins is!

Besides the obvious benefits of being on Atkins (the GW has already lost 7 pounds, mostly water, but sustainable, in the first six days!), what would we get if we won our bets? Then came the brilliant idea: spend a hundred bucks on whatever you want that - basically a little shopping spree - on something completely frivolous. Sounds great, right? The catch here, since we're adults and could technically just spend the money if we wanted to (although we don't like to cheat), is that if we're not successful in following the rules of induction, even just once, we're never allowed to pay for the thing(s) in the future.

For me, I immediately went to Amazon to fill my cart up with items I've had an interest in but haven't ever actually pulled the trigger and bought. I figured these items, many of which I've been wanting for awhile, are things that I'd love to have but could live without. Furthermore, there are several comics I collect in trade and already have like 9 or 10 trades of - these items were off limits since I knew that even if I lost my own bet, I'd still probably pick them up later - no real threat there as the stakes aren't permanent.

So, what did I end up with to further motivate me to stick to Induction? Among a couple of trades I'd been keeping my eye on, I decided that this was finally my chance to pick up the core rules for Changeling: The Lost. I love the core rulebooks, or "fat splats" as they're called, from White Wolf - I own Vampire, Werewolf, Hunter, and Geist, and Changeling is a game that, even if never played, looks like is going to be an entertaining read and good source for motivation in the future.

The other book I decided to add to the cart was Legends of the Five Rings 4th Edition. I can remember seeing L5R items in the game store since I can remember gaming, and Samurai's have always been a genre that intrigued me since I first saw The Seven Samurai in high school. I've been reading the designer diaries over at enworld and the games just jumps off the page. It sounds like a very simple system to run, and the characters appear to really be able to differentiate themselves from the general samurai. I figured a new edition (conveniently released later this month) is a great place to jump on. From what I've read of the designer diaries, it looks like this was the intent of AEG as well.

I figure eventually all the big games I've never gotten to play before will have new editions for me to jump on and figure out what all the hype's about. It happened with D&D, World of Darkness, and Warhammer Fantasy RPG, and now it's gonna happen for L5R. I couldn't be more excited, and I couldn't imagine better motivation to stay on the road towards better health!

Anyone have any ideas how you'd spend $100 frivolously on gaming items with the chance to never get them? Go ahead and leave a reply!

(All the L5R pictures are borrowed from the designer diary entries - seriously go check 'em out. Changeling photo borrowed from White Wolf's website.)


  1. How about the Iron Kingdoms setting from Privateer Press? It is rather well-detailed, and is a HUGE rulebook.

    If you can get a discount on it, I would also suggest the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay boxed set. You like innovative rules, and this thing is full of 'em...but it's $100 by itself without a discount, so, like I said, you should probably find it on sale.

  2. Excellent suggestions! I actually already do own the new uberbox of Warhammer Fantasy RPG - but it's a great idea as I bet you can get the box set + adventurer's toolkit + GM's toolkit for darn near $100 if you're really good at finding deals.

    The Iron Kingdoms setting is a fantastic idea as well. Personally I'm holding out for whenever the new RPG (which Privateer has publicly stated is in the works but on the back burner) is released to jump back into the Iron Kingdoms.

    Good suggestions though.

  3. It looks like $100 would get you Stronghold. I thought that looked good when we were at Con of the North. It could be a fun diversion from the RPGs.

  4. I think you should save the $100 for extra spending money at GenCon.

  5. I'm currently in a WOD campaign in my own place here, nWoD, and like u, after reading the rulebook, it stoked my interest in other different campaigns as well. As the bookstores in my country do not get these books unless ordered, well; I'll of course have to wait weeks in ordering them.
    Anyways, I have so far gotten Vampires, Chaangeling, and just recently, Promethean. I tell you, f you liked Changeling, Promethean would be good :)
    Also, get the Night Horror series. It's fantastic :)


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