Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roll the Dice - 5/20/10

It's almost the end of the week, Thursday counts, right? While I'm busy playing Red Dead Redemption and seeing Conan O'Brien tonight, the rest of you can enjoy these links and get through the rest of this work week (or whatever it is you do sitting there!). This week we're heavy on the fellow RPG blogger posts because there were some fantastic ideas put out there.

FFG's to release a version of Space Hulk for less than 100 bucks?! Yes, and... well, no.  

Continuing Clockwise knows where's it at - let's try using some teamwork this time, please?

I swear, a monkey's never been so damned... philosophical before. (Cinerati)

Then again, Leeroy Jenkins ain't no Sophist either, but Sarah Darkmagic begs to differ.

Mark at The Dice Monkey is on a roll with Mouse Guard ideas, and I have him to thank for finding
this scenario for me! 

It's hard to blog when playing as Mr. Marston. I'm just saying. Also now I want to hack Mouse Guard to have my players play as "Cowmice" in the old west.

I didn't really expect this when I heard Marvel was releasing an MMO to compete with DC's upcoming game. To be honest, I can't imagine anyone did. (iFanboy)

I can't wait for the sequel to this thread "Post Your Post-Apocalypses" (I am so sorry).

Fantasy Flight Games has the best summer job possible available - apply now!

If there anything better than cheaply making a great game even better? We don't think so, that's why this is our Noble Knight Schwag of the Week!

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