Saturday, May 22, 2010

Neuroshima Hex - New Armies and Storage

Neurohima Hex is one of my favorite games. My group has played this game a ton including the Babel13 expansion and some fan-made armies. This post will cover how I made the fan made army pieces and the storage boxes I use to store the six original armies from the base game and expansion.

Items needed for Expansion Armies:

32 MM wood hexagonal bases (35 per army)
Label printing paper (single label covering entire sheet - 2 per army)

Keep reading to see what I do with them!

(3 steps shown, blank hexes, label sheet cutouts, final army pieces)

I knew that I wanted to make additional armies for Neuroshima Hex after just a couple games. In order to do proper justice to the pieces, I wanted to post them onto something harder/sturdier than just cardstock without taking the time to individually cut out 35 hexes per army from something stronger like matte board. Fortunately, I have used some products from Litko
in the past and knew that I could custom order the right sized hexes for the game. The hexes I ordered are 32 mm, 3 mm think hexes. 1 mm thick hexes are available, but they will be thinner than the other pieces. The 3mm hexes are thicker than the original ones, but I prefer the thickness in this case.

After placing my custom order to Litko, I printed out the armies from various files found on Board Game Geek. The custom order took a couple weeks to arrive so I had time to research which armies I wanted to print out. I chose the Mephisto, Doomsday (look under "files"), Insectiods and Zombie armies in the end. The Doomsday Army is an official army originally given away at Essen Game Fair I believe. One sheet of printout will have the unit side; the other sheet will have the faction symbol for the reverse side of the token.

When the custom wood tokens arrived, I realized I would like a slight wooden boarder on the sides of the pieces so I used the scissors to cut the edges down slightly. I thne applied the label prinouts to the wooden tokens and use plastic baggies for storage.

(custom zombie army next to Outpost from base game)

While waiting for my tokens to arrive, I also found files for making cardstock army boxes on Baord Game Geek. They are very easy to make once printed out and help store the armies in the boxes very nicely. In fact, I store all 5 armies from the base game and expansion plus the four custom armies in the Babel13 expansion box. I will probably have to upgrade the box size when I get the Duel expansion.

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