Monday, April 26, 2010

Icons Wave Zero Heroes Pack is out!

In honor of Free Comic Book Day 2010 coming up this Saturday, May 1st, we're kicking off our Supers week with a timely announcement about the newly released Wave Zero of the Icons custom superheroes release. 

We've been following the early snippets of Icon news even up to the point of interviewing the designer of the game, Steve Kenson, and I'll be honest, we're pretty excited about the game. Before we caught on to Icons, we were only interested in Supers RPG's in only the most superficial of senses. That being said, when we saw the news that Dan Houser, a.k.a. Alienmastermind on the forums who did all the line art for the Icons rulebook was advertising his services for custom characters along with art and stand-ups, we really couldn't pass on the deal.

As you can see from this grim-faced militant type to the left here (who is actually my second figure in the Wave Zero release... yes, I got two) is a great example of the range of character design Dan is capable of. I told him I wanted a Nick Fury type character based really roughly on the designs from Valkyria Chronicles, and voila! I present you Sir Mazen Wilder of the Blue Order - Icon Hunter.  The guy's tough as nails and his only two powers are Power Nullification and Blast (as represented by his gun). He shines mostly in the actual stats department. Compared to my other character, General Entropy, he's much less traditonal Superhero-ic, but none the less badass.

If you're looking for how you can get in on this sweet deal (and I highly encourage you do!), Dan's taking more pre-orders for the next wave of characters. Get in while you can since, once the book drops, everyone will know they can put Dan to the grindstone and you may have to wait a while to get your order filled (he's only one man!). Find the deal here. Once Icons is out proper, I'll probably do a little short story starting Sir Mazen interacting with the rest of our group's characters with stats and everything - seems like a fun little excercise in supers prose!

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