Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Introducing General Entropy and Tempus Fugit for ICONS

Don't know what Icons is? You need to check out our interview with the designer, Steve Kenson, and find it here! I've talked a lot about the virtues of the pre-order offer from Adamant Games, and to be sure, it's pretty much the best gaming deal out there. To review, you get a physical copy of the book, a pdf copy of the book (sent out early - rumor is late April!), a pdf collection of character stand-ups by Icons artist Dan Houser, an exclusive pdf adventur from designer Steve Kenson, and a bonus pdf of villians and evil do-ers designed by Gareth-Michael Sharka - this in total cost me $38.00 shipped. This is ridiculous, and there's absolutely no reason not to pre-order and get in on the offer.

But wait, there's more! (you'll need to click read on to read on!)

As if all those goodies weren't enough, pre-ordering Icons will get you in on Wave Zero of an all-new type of product offered directly by Dan Houser (as above, he's the artist for the game). He is offering custom character art/fully illustrated sheets at a reduced price to pre-orderers. I'm gonna let Dan speak for himself here to get all the details right:

"This message is going out to folks who had the pre-order for the ICONS book, as there’s something that will be added to the launch of the book that might interest the early adopters.

At the back of the book there’ll be an advertisement for my services as an illustrator for your own character done in the ICONS style, along with a pdf of the character sheet and a stand-up added with the works we send you. Think of it in terms of a little ‘Hero Pak’, which will have a price point of $25.00 US, and will be in a PDF format with your character being put into an official ICONS layout, and drawn/colored by me in the ICONS style.

Since you’ve pre-ordered the product, there will be a discount for the illustration work, of course. Actually, you'll be getting a Hero Card laid out with your own hero with blanks for you to fill out, and once you've had a chance to actually get your hands on the rules, send me over the stats! I wanted to offer this to the folks who were psyched for the project since the beginning, and the price for your character illo is going to be 15.00 for the ‘Hero Pack'.

I’m going to limit the run of characters I illustrate to ‘waves’ of 50 to make sure that I’m not completely swamped with orders. Wave Zero is going to be the folks who preorder and participate on the thread, which also get you two Hero Cards: a ‘sketch card’ with your characters sketched out rather than fully illustrated as well as the finished version a la ‘variant covers’ in the comics. Wave Zero ends when pre-orders close, and will be released when the pre-orderers get theirs. The Hero Pack will also come with some blanks for you to print out for your friends!

So the set will include:
- Your numbered Hero Card with your personalized art and character design. (Will be on your "First Appearance" line at the bottom of the card: Wave Zero Issue 001 - 050)
- 10 Blank Hero Cards for use in your ICONS game
- Stand-Ups of the 50 Wave Zero heroes and villains"

Basically you'll get 50 pregenerated characters, including one you designed for $25.00. Of course if you pre-order, just chop that down to $15.00. This is holy crap kablooy a good deal.

The Gamer Wife and I pre-ordered and received the finish sketches for our character concepts (because Dan is super quick and really takes your designs to heart), and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Meet General Entropy (extra-dimensional traveler and invisible guy extraordinaire) -

 and Tempus Fugit (trash-heap inventor and time traveler) -

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