Thursday, January 14, 2010

That's Just Super - the Follow-up

So I had an opportunity tonight to watch the new Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (how'd Superman get first billing? frickin' boy scout!) on Blu-ray tonight and am enjoying the hell out of it. I've seen most of the direct-to-dvd DC movies, and this is by far the best. The animation style finally approaches the source material enough that it feels fresh. I loved New Frontier and Green Lantern, but they're just too much like the shows to feel like more than an extended episode.

Anyway, I'm watching and realizing just how accurate I was with saying that Supers stories can really cover any ground you want. Quick background of the movie/comic: times are tough in the DC Universe. Crime is up, poverty is up, and people across America are forming tent towns just to have a place to live. Enter America's greatest savior: Lex Luthor! Luthor becomes president and enacts a sort of "Superhero Registration Act" but with less despotic tendencies than Tony Stark would like. Anyway, of course Superman/Batman refuse to sign up because they're awesome. Guess what happens? They're criminals from the law and have to deal with all the fun that entails. They still fight for good and noble causes, but imagine how fun a game where one player has all the financial resources in the world and the other has all the physical resources in the world and they both have to hide from the law while they try to clear their names.

Anyway, just thought that'd be good fodder for role-playing.

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