Friday, December 11, 2009

Horus for FFG

Forgive the bad pun, but really, I do often feel like a shill for Fantasy Flight Games. It's just that they keep releasing such awesome stuff, and I just keep wanting to put money in their wallets. It's a good relationship, some might call it platonic, but it just means so much more to me. Oh FFG, will you never answer my sweet love letters asking for more?

Ok, so, no they won't. FFG is a harsh master never giving ground, never a sweet word will be sent back my way. Fine FFG, just keeping announcing and releasing sweet-looking Warhammer-related board games and rpg's. Forget the fact that I know very little about the 40k universe besides tromping around in terminator armor amongst a forgotten (but not abandoned) Space Hulk.

All pining for FFG aside, releasing another huge 2-player game, this time Warhamer-themed is an awesome move for FFG. I just wish it was released for this Christmas as it's description sounds amazing. It's a large scale space hulk where you control legions instead of dozens. I love war games as a rule, and I get a little bit of Tide of Iron feel from the description. Clearly this is a good sign.

Check out the announcement on FFG's website here (where I pulled the picture from). Also check out the minisite here.

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  1. Pretty soon FFG will have their own delivery service. Games will come to your house on flat bed trucks, since the boxes will be too large to mail by traditional methods.


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