Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Horus for FFG Part 2: The Horusing

Wow, I am really dropping the ball on the posting, but life is busy, Christmas is around the corner, work is busy, and a 3 month old kitten is sometimes more trouble than he's worth (although not most of the time, just every once in a while when he attacks his big brother).

Anywho, as indicated by the title of the post, FFG keeps the pressure on leading up to the big holiday when I'm sure they're going to take a well-deserved little break. Let's run down the crazy amount of stuff they've announced in the last week.

Assault on Ulthuan Expansion for Warhammer: Invasion in which we get the first big expansion for Invasion, much quicker than we've gotten one for Call of Cthulhu. More elves!

Princes of the Sun for A Game of Thrones was something I actually cited at Noble Knight here in town before seeing the announcement on the website. If I was still playing this game, this would have been a day one purchase. Gotta love House Martell and all their evil tricks.

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play books now on demand download for way hella cheap when you buy all four ($25.00!). Sure you still need the coreset to actually play the game, but now there's no excuse for a cheap-o way to check out the rules.

Warhammer Fantasy has an oddball free preview for the future of the game, oddball, but full of flavor. FFG is putting their weight behind the game, this much is clear.

Those are the big ones from my point of view, of course the 40k RPG stuff is cool and appear to be good news for players of those games (Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader), so that's good news too. There seems to be a big focus on their Living Card Games and RPG's, which is kind of awesome for a traditional board game company. I swear some day I'll start posting more insightful things again, maybe in 3 years when things have settled down. For now enjoy all the FFG love we've been given out!

P.S. Interesting gamer blog unlike anything else out there. Check it out (may not be safe for work).

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