Saturday, November 7, 2009

What is wrong with me?

With the release of this video from FFG I keep getting closer and closer to getting desperate enough to maybe want to possibly purchase Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition. I know, I know! I don't want to play this game, I don't want to drop the big chunk of cash (really that's the thing holding me back right now in all reality), and our group doesn't really have time (or probably the effort) to learn a new game, especially something fantasy-based.

All that being said, the video does sell the game as being completely different in style and play from D&D 4E with a bigger emphasis on narrative team play than squad-based combat. At this point any reader would probably be sick of my raving about box sets and starter packs for any game out there ever, but it's really a strong pull. Damnit FFG, why do you make such awesome things? I must know!

(Image borrowed from FFG's online store as it taunts me in cruel and unusual ways.)


  1. Looks innovative (or coming full circle back round to the RPG's evolved from board games. pocket games and lots of Steve Jackson's early products.) I like that it's emphasizing the *game* part. I like Role-Playing Games. Not RP Storytime, or RP Interactive Fiction, nor LARP.

    Also, Looks incredibly expensive.

  2. While I always applaud new GW related products ... and I generally am a FFG fan. I hate collectible gaming and FFG has pushed board games and Non-CCG games in that direction more and more. I see this move to revamp a system that is amazingly good ... doesn't need an update, etc. as just that. A way to boost sales as they have this under a licensing agreement that I'm sure will expire sometime over the next five or so years ... so I bet they want to grind every nickle out of their license. GW is probably even pushing them to do so. Unfortunately RPGs are now competing with World of Warcraft and that is undeniably where 4E went and I think WHFB will be going the same direction. Will I buy into the new system ... probably ... but only after I acquire a complete collection of the current WHFB stuff and that will be my WHFB Advanced game forever ... its a beautiful system that is really enjoyable to play and I will be sad to see it go. I really do hope though that new people are brought to GW products and to RPGs because of the new FFG system.

  3. I think this release has a chance to spread this game further. FFG is a major player in the overall game hobby and people are used to receiving high quality products from them. Hopefully people will look at this game as a potential next step to take in gaming if they started out as board/card gamers. This price point is also right on target with many of FFG's big box games.


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