Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Captain Sloan

So we finally get a new Cygnar warcaster, and the one from Mk.II no less! I like the idea we're going for here. A long gunner warcaster is probably the awesomest idea to come by for a long time. There's only one problem: the pose. It's awkward at best as either the gun's too long or it needs to be lowered so it's leaning against the hip, or something.

I don't know, I like what I see of the gun itself, looks like a lightning sniper gun, maybe disruption from further away than ever before? Looking at the model again, I really like the assymetrical design of the armor as well. The big left shoulder acts a shield while she hosts the butt of the rifle in her right shoulder. Conversely, how long is it going to be before we get a lefty warcaster? I'm just sayin'...

(Check out the original image and PP blurb at their website.)


  1. I'm seeing a conversion where the gun is cut from the hand the gun but is removed from the arm (this would take some advanced green stuff work) and then the hand is re-posed holding a gun that is resting on the ground ... the barrel is lengthened and the hand is re-posed holding the gun mid barrel. Again it would take a hell of a lot of work but I totally agree with your observation about the model. Rocking concept ... mostly a really beautiful mini ... a very awkward pose though.

  2. I could even see the gun hanging out by her side, barrel pointing towards the ground with the butt snugged up into her armpit. Kind of make her look like this: /I where the "I" is her body and the "/" is the gun. It'll be interesting to follow the fan reaction to the pose.


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