Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday Night Gaming 10/9/09 - I use all my dailies, then the boss bursts through the wall...

(Map of Khorvaire courtey of Wizards' own website.)

Last night was the second session for our first Eberron D&D 4th ed. campaign. Mike (the GM) set it up so we had a story-light quick mission to run through to test-run all our characters out. I can say personally that this seems to have been a very helpful thing for me personally as my Eladrin Wizard, Samiriel Burnal, switched up an at-will, an encounter power, and a feat between the missions, much to his benefit.

The team really started to click together last night, although we were down our avenger. Our group make-up looks like this at this point: Eladrin Wizard (Controller, me), Eladrin Artificier (Leader, The BRO's PC), Half-Elf Paladin (Defender), Deva Avenger (Striker), and Elf Ranger (Striker). So yeah, Elven is like a secret language we can use around non-elves for most of the group. The last encounter we fought, while on the run out of the Mournlands as bizzaro human cultist forces and the Lord of Blades' own warforged forces, was pretty great. I actually rolled high on initiative for once and got to strike first with a daily that would hit all five of the humans that tried to ambush us (it was Ice Storm, which is pretty friggin' awesome). I ended up doing 113 damage all together to the four targets I hit and the 1/2 damage I did to the one I missed. I followed that up with an action point usage of Color Spray and half the targets were both immobilized and dazed. Then the two giant golems burst through the walls of the close-by building and what was left of the human forces from me was pretty much trashed by the golems, who were out to kill any and all fleshbags, as it were...

We all survived, and like I said, we clicked pretty well I thought. Moving forward, it should be a pretty good game, and Sir Samiriel Burnal, Knight - Captian of the Vernal Equinox is going to be a pretty awesome character to play.

Looking to next week's FNG, THE BRO's going to be out, so we are planning on finally getting in the second game of 3:16: Carnage Amongst the Stars. Hopefully after that I'm going to be getting a review of the game up for the curious. Shocktober 09 is going strong still, and I haven't missed a day yet! I have a pretty exciting announcement (at least for me personally) coming up, but I want to wait until it's 100% official; I'm expecting monday or tuesday to make the announcement. Here's a hint: I should have a bigger platform with a wider audience soon, but have no fear, the Hopeless Gamer will persevere and hopefully be better for it!

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