Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tide of Iron Part 3!

So The Bro and I got our third game of Tide of Iron in tonight. I played the Americans assaulting a mean line of Gerry guns over rough terrain. I had my first Shermans tonight, 2 tanks to be exact, and they were my only real chance at winning (I didn't). We've come to the conclusion that we must be playing this game wrong. All three games, the assaulting force just got shred to bits by the defending force, regardless of German or American. I've read all over that the original set's scenarios are tilted heavily towards the American's favor, but we have yet to really see this. The German player(s) have won two out of three games, and I'm convinced this is just because they were defending.

This brings up the fatal flaw in my strategy to learn this game: now I'm all paranoid that we really don't know how to play and that we're missing something vital here. The attacking force just doesn't have enough actions to get his forces up in the limited amount of turns. This third scenario was especially biting because it was only 6 turns instead of 8, and if I would have had those extra two turns, there's a tiny chance I could have turned the Tide (of Iron!).

Scenario Four should be up for next week, here's hoping it's a scenario other than one side attacking the other side's fixed gun placements.

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