Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Test of Character - 9/16/09

Tonight I'm treading into "let me tell you about my D&D character" waters by asking if it's ok if I tell you about my D&D character concept, specifically the one I've been developing with THE BRO for our group's upcoming Eberron campaign. I'm going to apologize here because I haven't come up with a proper name for the ole' Eladrin Wizard I've got myself here. Perhaps I'll call him "Eladryn Wyzard" and just be done with it...or not. On with the SHOW!

(Picture borrowed from Daryl's Blog - little bit like my character but with a wand instead of a gun, also, goggles, I guess. Hey, it's Eberron after all.)

The City of Emerald Lights, Shae Joridal amongst the Fey, was the envy of of the Eladrin kingdoms. The Feywild absorbed its lights and glory, hungry and jealous of the time the Spire spent in the world of Eberron. When ranging, the citizens of Shae Joridal would dream or the cool light and aura of the spire as they meditated in their restorative trance. Joridal did not often occupy the plane of Eberron, and the citizens did not veture out to explore all too often even when it did, but the calamity of Cyre changed the lives of Joridians forever.

Sheen Burnal and his compatriot/trusted friend, :INSERT THE BRO'S CHARACTER NAME HERE:, never expected to be trapped amongst the likes of Eberron much less the waste land that is Darguun, the goblin-infested lands far from any civilized nations. Now beseiged, the City of Emerald Lights has sent out its children into the dark and dangerous night; it needs allies and resupplies to fight off the goblin and hobgoblin hordes of Darguun.

Burnal and THE BRO were at the front of the line to register for envoy status in order to venture into greater Eberron. Burnal has always served a captain of the city guard, the only real military presence found in Shae Joridal, and felt compelled to use his arcane prowess and base survival skills to pursue allies in far off lands. The Eladrin of Joridal are in desperate need for relief, but Burnal and his companion have had little to show for all their efforts. It took months just to get beyond the goblin entrenchments and out of Darguun, and in the meantime, a mark has slowly developed on his skin. After many years of life, his actions on Eberron have seemingly left a lasting effect on him in the form of, what other travellers have described, the "mark of passage."
Burnal carries no allegiances with any of the great dragon-marked houses and has never initiated contacted with the famed House Orien of which he may claim some ties to with this new development. He has noticed that his mind has sharpend in combat with greater mobility and allowed him to discover new tactics. It has been Burnal's part to fight off any threats while THE BRO uses his constructs to assist and maintain Burnal's health. It has been a long time to break through the lines, but his newfound mark has aided them greatly.

Sheen Burnal is an arcane sentinel of the 3rd order in the city guard. Most citizens of Shae Joridal have accessed unknown depths of courage and martial ability since the cataclysm: Burnal has always focused on this. All his studies have focused on becoming a scholar of offensive magics he can use, and he carries his wand on his hip in a holster, ready to draw at the drop of a hat and blast an overconfident enemy. Burnal acts as the "face" of the envoy duo while THE BRO is always striving to learn new ways to create forces out of thin air or the simplest of arcane objects. Burnal talks, while THE BRO amazes with unknown feymagics, but still no leaders or warchiefs will budge to assist the beseiged spire.

The eladrin are anything but an impatient people. Even with the pressure always pushing them forward to the dangers that someday Joridal will be overrun by the goblin hordes, the two persevere and are always trying to move forward to find untapped forces or even the odd adventurer willing to risk much for the reward of the secrets of the City of Emerald Lights.

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