Monday, September 7, 2009

Tide of Iron not caused by a D&D fighter that needs to pick a new power...

So, here's the 100th post in all it's glory, so exciting! I've had Tide of Iron for at least two years (maybe even three!) and before today had yet to even punch out the counters and all the lovely little cardboard bits that are the trademark of any big box FFG game. For awhile I was trying to just get through the rulebook all together before really breaking out the pieces and putting together the first scenario. Speaking of which, Tide of Iron is a scenario-based WWII tactical game produced by Fantasy Flight Games. It's a bit more complex and stress realism more than the more straight-forward (and cheaper!) Memoir '44.

I've been itching to actually play the game, heaven forbid for some time now, ever since THE BRO and I demo'd it at Gencon several years ago. It's been sitting on our shelf in our living room for months now, just taunting me, and Labor Day (I know, wrong holiday) just so happened to be the day I took that bad boy down from the shelf and popped it open. As of right now, it's fully punched, all the cards are in appropriately colored card sleeves, and the map (as seen above) is all set up for the first scenario. I think I'll actually play a solo game of it before inviting an adversary over to play and teach the rules to.

I originally thought it would only be fun for a two-player game (Americans vs. Germans), but looking at the rules, I could actually see some fun being had by four players (2 a side). Exciting sidenote: I have Days of the Fox in shrink sitting in the rec room right now, ever since last Christmas actually. Hopefully ToI vanilla will go well and I'll be happy to be cracking open the desert expansion in a few weeks!


  1. Let me know when you want to play. I know thewife works some nights, and my wife will be out riding most Tuesdays. Plus, I am working on modifying my heroscape terrain and that could probably work as an alternate board once I am finished.


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