Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Night Gaming 8/28/09: Somebody call for an exterminator?

Image borrowed from Box Ninja's website, publisher of 3:16: Carnage Amongst the Stars

Last night was a pretty great night for gaming, at least from my perspective. We ended up playing four games: 3:16: Carnage Amongst the Stars, We Didn't Playtest This (WDPT, I believe that's the name of the game, THEBRO may need to correct me), Nuclear War, and Rusted Heroes.

It was our first experience with 3:16 since I bought it at Gencon. I had read the rules over the previous two nights and felt very confident in my ability to run the game. It doesn't hurt that you can create a scenario in literally 5 minutes with full enemy stats and everything, an excellent game. The PC's had to relieve the troubled Green Squad at Bunker 6 on Planet Kadinsky. I think it was good fun, and something happened that hasn't happened ever before for me when GM'ing a game: I left the ending extremely open to how I felt the game was going in the moment, and one of my players actually guessed at where the Queen alien might be. His ending idea was much better than mine and I just decided to go with it, it was fantastic.

WDPT was great. One of our players hadn't played it yet so it was fun to introduce him to the game. We did reaffirm that the game definitely can only be played about 4 or 5 times a night to keep it fresh. It was still great even if I didn't win a single game of it and most often didn't even get a turn, it's really the only game I can think of that can be described that way.

Nuclear War was pretty good. Hey, it's Nuclear War, hard to go wrong. The Bro picked up some of the booster packs at Gencon and they do add quite a bit. We're thinking of picking up more since we really do like the game play and probably want to keep playing without running dry on the fun well.

I'm 2 and 0 on Rusted Heroes! It was a rematch of The Bro's Knights of the Rose versus my Dragon Knights, and it was brutal. We actually made up a short list of rule questions and clarifications to go to the creators to learn more about the system, so we'll post some of those in the future hopefully once we get a chance to talk to the creator. Did I mention it was brutal? My wizard-type who takes over enemy figures for a turn was taken out in one good shot from a distant sniper and I thought I was done for, knowing how much he helped me in my victory last game. We ended up with almost all figures in a giant melee in the middle of the field and a few characters started to drop like nothing else. I dropped his monk healer early on and The Bro began to question his worthiness in the scheme of other possible units he could take. It got down to The Bro's minor shield wielding unit and my same unit + massive Dragon Lord w/shield. We spent several rounds trading blows and blocking them with no damage dealt until finally my Dragon Lord crit his damage roll and did something like 12 damage (which is huge when the biggest character in either army has 10 to start with).

It was exciting, fun, fantastic to be playing a mini's wargame again. More than anything it's nice that my record is an exact invert of my record in Warmachine and Hordes against The Bro. Dragon Knights rejoice!

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