Friday, August 28, 2009

FFG Releases prices for November items - fans wonder where wallets have disappeared to instantly...More at 11.

Note: I attempted to add this picture to this post three times, but it never showed up. It may be here three times, otherwise click this link above to see a sample of our WHFRPG 3 coverage.

So thanks to Tabletop Gaming News we got a list of the November releases from FFG along with their pricing. Check out the news story and specific prices here.

The interesting part about this is less the prices and more the items FFG announced here. I'm excited about the Martell Expansion for the game of thrones LCG and may be looking at a potential Christmas list item there, but I saw that at Gencon. The new Descent expansion was also at Gencon but looked very cool and gives Descent players an opportunity to play on boats and marine-themed boards, which is a fantastic idea and is started to make me wonder why we don't use Descent tiles to play D&D 4e with.

The real exciting part is the announcement of the items being released in support of Warhammer Fantasy RolePlaying 3rd Edition Monster Starter Set. I don't actually intend on playing this game, the Warhammer universe is a little too dark overall for me, but the product and form of the release is fascinating. A little background: FFG is releasing the third addition of a fairly popular D&D alternative fantasy roleplaying game set in the Warhammer universe. The set's going to retail for $99.99, but if you search through the Gencon pictures we took, you can see the four pictures we took of all the stuff jammed into it. If this was how they were going to release D&D 5th Edition, I would be ecstatic, but shocked.

Basically, I never would have anticipated such a revolutionary and bold revival of the boxset format for a fairly well established setting and fan base. My thought would be to try this out on some hot new IP that doesn't have any baggage or previous editions to live up to. That being said, I hope WHFRPG3 does incredibly well and bolsters FFG's confidence and ability to release more games in this format. This has to be a test of the waters for them as they hope to continue to take some of the market in RPG money away from the other companies to build up their branch.

I have dreams of local game shop shelves stocked full of FFG role playing games of all genres much like how we have their standard sized board game boxes right now. Good luck FFG!


  1. That box set looks sweet. I went to France this summer and while I was there I was so inspired to play Warhammer.

  2. It really does look amazing, you know when FFG is releasing something for $100, you're probably getting your money's worth out of it.

    Also, call me a doof, but I didn't even realize Warhammer Fantasy was influence by medieval France. The more you know!


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